Casino War – Your Favorite Childhood Game Is Back

Casino War is played at a table with seats for seven players. Six or eight decks of arena cards are ample in a banker shoe controlled by a abode dealer.

The cold is for the amateur to exhausted the banker with a college baronial card. All cards are ranked as in poker area the everyman rank is a brace (2). The ace is consistently top while apparel are extraneous if arena Bank War.


Players have to aboriginal accomplish an ante action above-mentioned to getting dealt one agenda face up. The banker aswell receives one agenda up. If the player’s agenda ranks college than the dealers, the amateur wins even money. If not, the abode takes the wager. If both the amateur and banker cards are the aforementioned rank, the amateur has (2) options:

Option One

Go to war by agreement an added action according to the aboriginal bet on top of the card. The banker will again bake (discard) three cards afore ambidextrous a additional agenda face up to the player. Banker repeats the aforementioned for his or herself. If the amateur wins s/he will be paid 2 to 1 on the war action only. The ante goes to the house. A tie with the banker on the additional agenda is a benefit for the amateur with a 4 to 1 payout.

Option Two

Surrender by not authoritative a War wager. The amateur have to again cost ½ of the aboriginal ante. During my play I saw no one surrender. Abandonment is not the recommended action as this advantage is consistently a accident for the amateur and a win for the house.

If you’re alien with the appellation abode edge, it’s a congenital in advantage for the casino.The aloft % bulk artlessly agency that the bank expects to win $2.88 for every $100 you action at the bold over time. Now that doesn’t beggarly that your traveling to airing abroad with $97.12 every time you’ve wagered $100. This is over the continued term. With luck and acute play in any game. you can win over the abbreviate term.

Side Bet

A ancillary bet is accessible area a amateur can action that their aboriginal agenda will tie the dealer’s card. The acceptable payout is an adorable 10 to 1 but this best has a huge abode bend of about 18 %. Rules may alter hardly amid jurisdictions for all acceptable payouts and ancillary bets.


The simple action for this bold occurs if the advantage to go to war. If you accept to go to war, the abode bend is 2.88%. If you accept to surrender, the bend all-overs to 3.7%. Better to go to war than surrender.

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